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T1reatment Mapping Software makes it simple to map out your patient's treatment plan. A map guides you to your destination, A map gets you around unexpected obstacles. A map shows you how far you’ve come and how far you have to go. Maps get better as travelers plot their experiences for the next map.

Unlike many EHR systems that emphasize chart notes, billing, and scheduling, the Splashboard Treatment Mapping System emphasizes treatment planning and delivery. The goal of this project is to provide a set of easy to use tools that enhance the art of providing multi visit treatment sessions.

You start with a best practice template or quickly create your own MAP by pulling from your past experiences with similar cases. As you use the system you can progressively formalize your techniques, or branch them into new variations.

Individualization is easy with drag and drop customization. You can remove goals and tasks that are not appropriate and add additional goals and tasks for specialized issues. If you have an idea of a particular activity that might be helpful, you can use the keyword search to locate it or find other appropriate activities and goals. As the patient moves through their therapy MAP you can quickly add additional tasks to address problem areas, or take off items that are obviously mastered.

With a MAP in front of you, you can easily see where you’ve been, where you are now, and what needs to be emphasized next time.


Create your own MAP templates including Goals and Tasks

With a simple click/tap of the clinic icon clinic icon you can program a set of activities for an upcoming session.


Scan and store all your home activity sheets for onclick access. Printable worksheets and other resources can be made available to patients for homework with pictures and even video.

Rather than spending time going to a file cabinet to find a handout that has already been through the photocopier a hundred times easily enter your handouts and assign them with a simple click or tap.

STEP 1: Either scan your existing worksheets and printables into the system, or create new ones with simple editing tools. Newly created sheets can contain pictures and even video.

STEP 2: Attach your new resource or printable to an Activity or Task.

STEP 3: Assign the Activity or Task to the patient and they can view or print the information from home.

This feature allows you to enter your contacts and collaborating professionals, generate thank you letters and other communications, generate marketing queries for mailings.

Maybe the patient has a teacher or occupational therapist who can help out with some of the clinic procedures and practice. The system allows you to put them on the patient's team so that they can communicate, receive assignments, and record notes. And so much more...


Contacts and Professionals (CAPs)

  • Therapy APPs for big screens (like the SVI)
  • Therapy APPs for tablets (iPad and others)
  • Home therapy recording tool for smart phones with an alert system to remind patients of follow-ups and next steps. This mobile APP will remind parents/patients about their homework and allow them to check off that they’ve completed it.
  • Other APPs can be integrated into the home assignment so that patient has access to therapy tools as needed.


Therapy Tools and APPs for your Practice